Peeping Tom

Poor Mindi, her duplex landlord has just passed away and now the deceased womans son is her new landlord. He has come into a lot of money since his mother died and Mindi knows it. As she consoles the bereaved son, she informs him that she thinks it is time to renegotiate the terms of her rent. She knows how much he has inherited and she believes he doesn't need her rent money anymore. Mindi informs him that she knows he has had a crush on her ever since they became neighbors and that he has a secret... he likes to peek into peoples windows, he is a peeping tom. He has even peeked in Mindis window. Mindi already knew he has peeked and she tells him that she has known and she has been teasing him this whole time. The new terms according to Mindi, is she will let him watch her in her sexy clothes and in trade, she will no longer pay rent. She stands up and runs her hands all over her body, she then takes her clothes off in front of him to start the new terms of the rental agreement. Mindi also knows that her new landlord is a mommys boy virgin... she informs him that she has a camera in her bedroom and knows he has been going in her bedroom while she is away and going through her dirty laundry searching for her dirty panties. And the last term of the new agreement is for her to join him at his bank tomorrow to add her name to all his accounts of his entire estate. Then and only then will he be allowed to touch her. But for now, he gets to watch her as she feels her sexy body. She teases herself through her panties and allows him to finally touch himself. She peels off her panties and tosses them to him and she starts to masturbate. She reminds him that he will be able to fuck her after their trip to the bank tomorrow, all the while, fingering her wet pussy. He encourages him to stroke his virgin cock... she speeds up her pussy banging... she wants his big load to shoot from his cock. They both cum at the same time. She is very happy with their new arrangement.