My Therapist Mindi Mink

Your Therapist of 20 years Mindi Mink opens the door and looks so sexy and hot in her business attire. She has decided for this next session she wants to try a different approach to relax you more.  She tells you that she is going to go change into her uniform and will call you into the kitchen when she is ready.  

You find her cleaning the floor when you walk in wearing very tight short daisy duke shorts, a white tank top that is so sung her big tits are bulging out and stilettos! She is being very seductive and teases you by the way she moves and slides around the floor showing off her tan muscular legs.  She notices that you can not keep your eyes off of her and you are starting to have a bulge in your pants.  She instructs you to sit down and enjoy the show.  She gets her coconut oil out that she always uses on you for therapy, however this time she is seductively massaging her own legs and arms and takes her bun out of her hair and you can gaze upon her lovely long locks of hair.  She even gets her white tank top all wet so you can see her nipples. She wants to know your fantasy....You cannot believe that after all the years of fantasizing about being with her sexually it feels like its going to happen.  You proceed to tell her what you desire. 

You are now up in her bedroom and she has put on another sexy business outfit for you, glasses on and with her hair up. She turns on some slow sexy seductive rock and does a sexy strip dance for you exposing her thigh high stockings and sexy lingerie. Eventually she gets completely undressed and throws her panties to you saying they are yours to keep.  She invites you to her bed and tells you to be a good boy and let her control you.  

She first gets on top of you and starts kissing you passionately feeding you her breasts.  She slowly slides down on your cock to feel you inside of her....and you use your finger to stimulate her clit.  Your hands are squeezing her big beautiful breasts and she rides you and has you use a wet finger to play with her asshole.  Then she turns around reverse cowgirl so you can see her luscious big ass grinding on you and riding up and down on your hard cock. 

She turns around to straddle you again so you can kiss and starts to ride you faster and faster.....she feels you getting bigger and bigger and cums so hard on your cock! 

It ends so sweetly with loving pillow talk and kissing...letting you know that next weeks therapy session she has a fantasy that she wants you to fulfill