Step Mom Teaches You About Sex Ed Part One

Your Mom walks in on you in the morning wearing a robe and tells you its your day together because your Dad left for fishing.  She tells you how proud she is of you after speaking to the principle at your school about that good grades you have and manners.  One of the professors at the school recommended that the parents teach their sons about sexual education.....things you should know about so that you don't make any improper discussions.  Later she tells you we will go to a movie and grab some dinner, but for now its time for your first lesson.  She tells you to relax and trust her, so you do as she asks and remove your boxers.  The look in her eyes are surprised about the size of your dick with no erection.  Its time to understand exactly what an erection is and what the body of a female looks like.  She advises you to start touching yourself so you understand what the feeling of being soft is.  After some time of talking you through this she stands up and takes off her robe to reveal a sexy red lingerie outfit with garter and stockings on.  You feel the sensation in your dick start to tingle and grow, but she knows that you can get even harder.  She shows off her lovely breasts, and teaches you about her nipples and how to make them hard. You listen how the light sensual touch makes a woman feel good and to never bite them.  

You look down and see that you are having a big reaction to seeing her like this and she tells you its very normal and natural to feel this way about your mother.  She teases you with her sexy curvy body.....and takes off her panties to show her vagina.  You cant believe what you are feeling but you keep touching yourself and getting aroused by her.  Now its time to get back to the lesson, she wants you to touch yourself and feel the fully erect dick of yours. She leans in and whispers how she is going to make you feel better than you have ever felt before.  Her hand slowly leans in over you and starts to gently stroke your dick as you close your eyes to fully relax.  She can see the slippery pre cum out of the top of your head and reminds you that lots of lubrication is important so that you do not make it raw from stroking.  

You learn about how your balls make cum which is the fluid that allows you to reproduce in life.  She starts to stroke you faster and faster and masturbates herself at the same time.  She wants you to cum for her and experience your first real orgasm while chanting cum for mommy cum for mommy........and you do in her hand.  She tastes your cum to make sure everything is ok.  You tell her it was the best time of your life and she agrees it was for her too.  She gives you homework to do before the next lesson with her.