Blackmail On The Train

You and your fiance are on a train going to meet her parents.  Suddenly a very sexy older woman approaches you and asks if she can sit down at your table..... She asks you questions about the two of you and finds out that you are engaged and have saved 10,000 for the wedding! This makes her extremely happy and starts giving you sexy looks to entice you.

She excuses herself to the bathroom and signals for you to follow are very nervous and she point blank asks you do you want to fuck? You know its not a good idea but you have fantasized about fucking an older woman for a long time and now is your chance.  Its got to be quick so that your fiance does not suspect anything.  She gets naked and you pull your hard cock out for her...she sits right down on you and rides you up and down. Her big tits are right in your face, her warm wet pussy feels so fucking good! She cums on your cock and tells you to cum deep inside of her pussy.  You explode and make a big mess all over the place...a dream come true for you. 

She stands back up and tells you how you disgust her! What a bad man you are for doing this with should be ashamed of yourself.  She tells you how men are so stupid and weak when it comes to sex.  She is going to teach you a lesson you will never forget. Little did you know that she had a camera filming it......and she is going to show your fiance the video.  You beg for her not to expose you but she does not care one bit.  Its your fault and problem and she plans to ruin your life.  After begging for awhile & even crying she tells you that the only thing that will save you is by transferring the 10,000 you saved up for the wedding into her bank account.